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Increase Your Google Reviews

Some of the benefits of collecting reviews include improved search engine optimisation (SEO), increased consumer trust, and valuable customer insights.

Google Business Profile reviews are an important part of managing your online reputation and helping your business succeed.

Google Business Profile Posts

Google Business Profile Posts are a great way to promote your business and products online. We will post updates about your business, products, services, as well as special offers and events.

Google Business Profile Questions & Answers

We’ll teach you how to connect and communicate with your customers on your Google Business Profile. Answer questions, reply to chats and respond to reviews to increase your brand positivity.

Google Business Profile Photos

Exterior photos, Product photos and Team Photos are all great to post on your Google Business Profile. We encourage customers to add their own images to showcase to other future potential customers.

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Display Highlights

We’ll highlight features of your business to attract and inform customers.

List Your Products

Let customers can see what products you have before they decide to visit your store.

Offer Your Services

We optimise your profile to make it easy for customers to book your services quickly.

Google Business Profile Analytics

Google business profile insights give us an in-depth look at how customers are finding and interacting with your business on Google. You can see how customers are searching for your business, what kind of content they’re engaging with, and where they’re coming from.

This data is extremely valuable in helping us to improve your online presence and attract more customers. We use Google business profile analytics to understand what’s working well and make improvements.

Google Business Profile Training

We’ll teach you how to connect and communicate with your customers on your Google Business Profile. Answer questions, reply to chats and respond to reviews to increase your brand positivity.

We Build Local Citations

Local Citation Building is the process of creating local listings on directories and websites. These listings help to increase your business’s visibility in search engines, which can lead to increased traffic and customers.

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Harminda S.

“Thanks to the photos, reviews and updates shown in our Google business profile listing, our customers know exactly what to expect from their dining experience.”

Shenfield Restaurant, London

Frequently Asked Questions

If I already have a website, should I create a Business Profile?

Yes! A Google Business Profile will complement your website. It will bring new customers and a wider audience to your business. It also allows you to see where your customers are coming from, how they arrived at your business and then capitalise on this data to increase more traffic to your website.

My business doesn’t have a shop. Can I still have a Google Business Profile?

Yes, you can have a profile if your business doesn’t have a physical address.

While many businesses have physical locations, there are still plenty of opportunities to create an online presence and reach customers through a Business Profile even if you don’t have a shopfront.

If your business is making in-person contact with its customers then it is eligible for creating a Google Business Profile. Similarly, hybrid or service-area businesses can join in creating a business profile – think plumbers and cleaning services who visit/deliver directly to their patrons but may not serve them at any particular address.

Why do I need to verify my business?

Verification allows Google to confirm that you are the rightful owner of the business. Verifying also allows PixoMarketing to make changes, post updates and make profile improvements on your behalf. We will guide you in how to verify your business with Google.

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